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標題: T21 GBB eHobby 有貨啦 [打印本頁]

作者: ehobbyasia    時間: 12-5-2015 11:43     標題: T21 GBB eHobby 有貨啦

T21 GBB eHobby 有貨啦 !!!!

Official Spec:
Built on GHK Gas BlowBack system.
Compatible with GHK M4 / G5 GBB magazines (Gas / CO2).
Designed for ARES TAR-21 / S&T T21 AEG series.
All custom parts are made from CNC machining.
CNC machined aluminum bolt carrier, bolt catch, trigger box and outer barrel.
CNC machined steel QD swivel socket, chamber base and other internal parts.
Loading nozzle, fire control parts and Hop-Up system from GHK G5 GBB.
Fine-tuned and quality checked by professional gunsmith.

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