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標題: [裝備] 珍品TacGear Flecktarn KSK 防火戰鬥服 可交換 [打印本頁]

作者: stefano_cnc    時間: 2-7-2020 12:07     標題: 珍品TacGear Flecktarn KSK 防火戰鬥服 可交換

可交換 GBB, Gorka 3, smersh

Size XL


KSK Combat Trousers is made by Leo Kohler company,
one of the leading suppliers to the Bundeswehr.
The Bw KSK Einsatzkamphose is based on the German mil-specs
and has the following features:.
Made of 88% cotton,
12% Nylon Bw Flecktarn material.
2 front slash pockets,
1 button-down back pockets,
2 large button-down pleated cargo leg pockets,
Knees with removable foam pads
double ankle cuff tie closure,
buttons for suspender, zippered fly.

Same trousers worn by German Special Forces soldiers of the KSK.

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