Hong Kong Moive - Hit Team

All from Dragon except -
Rappelling Harness - 21st Century
Sunglass - Hot Toys

Hello , I m Daniel not Reeves Keanu. I m a team member of Hit Team. Just like SDU . Anti-Terrorist is our task. We will not allow any terrorism appear in Hong Kong.

Do you see my Body Armor ? It coustom made SDU level-4 armor, so I can attach any pouch as I like .

Front - Rappeling and IPSC type gun holster
Side - A drop leg flash band pouch , also can carry my M4 magazine.
Back - Plastic handcuff , walkie talkie , collapsible baton and a utility bag.

A fast draw IPSC type Gun Holster , it's not a standard equip of police.
I also equip a NVG - AN-PVS-7 which allow me action in any dark sence.

Note my M4A1 , it's a customs version , armed with a Aimpoint M Red-dot sight , a visible laser and a Flach light.
My side arms is a Colt Commander , .45 ammo provide good stopping power !
She is my team-mate , Jo , she is armed a MP5K