The 1st CT Force
Delta Force


All from Dragon
Gas Mask Bag
Walkie- 21Century

Note that Leo's Head scarf , it is folded from a triangular bandage. And his two canteen , you know Delta Force is always working in Desert area , and it is a Frist Aid box at the middle!

It's M4A1 attach with Trijicon RX01NSN and ITT AN/PEQ-2 (Infrared Target
Pointer / Illuminator Aiming Laser) , Wilcox flash light/laser hand guard .
Usually , RX01 is not use by Delta Force !
Inside the drop leg pouch is a M17A2 Gas Mask , and at the right is the close up of RX01.
Here is my Eagle Tac Vest , it can hold 2 5.56mm Magazine in each pouch , totally 12 mag .I think it is more useful than the Harness system .