Hong Kong Moive - Hit Team Jo

All from Dragon

Hello , I m Jo. I m a team member of Hit Team. Just like SDU . Anti-Terrorist is our task. We will not allow any terrorism appear in Hong Kong.You know? I m the frist and the only one female member in Hit Team.

Beside H&K PDW ,I m also use MP5 with Knight's KAS . See my back, motorala wallie , plastic handcuff, sur-fire and a collapsible baton.
Here is my other choice , H&K PDW , with 4.6mmx30 Cal. 40 rd magazine and a reflex sight.
All Hit Team member were equip with IPSC type gun holster , I m armed with Glock 17.
He is my partner , Daniel !
Actually , he is not a terrorist , just a trainning !