Navy Seals CQB

All from Dragon
Blue Box
Pro-Tec Helmet with head light
H-8 life jacket
21 Century

Here is my equipment , the AN/PVS-7 ITT night goggles is my eye in night ops , it make me can operation in low light environment even no light ! The H&K MP5A4N is my choice , it's equip with a sure-fire tactical light and a detachable flash hider.
At the right side is my H&K Mk23 hand gun with Safariland holster , I can draw my side arm within 1/4 sec ! It's not a smart choice to fight with me , want to try ?
See my vest ! It can hold 6x9mm magazine. The magazine pouches is a detachable pannel , it can be change to 5.56mm magazine pannel easily !