Jungleseal_closeup.jpg (19020 bytes) Navy Seals Junglet Operation

Body, Safariland gun holster
Walkie Talkie, Boots, M4A1, Canteen
Frist aid box.
Hot Toys
UDT life vest , Butt pack
21 Century
Wooland BDU and Hat, Mag. pouches
LAR-V, Dive fins
Blue Box

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Jungleseal_back.jpg (30735 bytes)
Due to the heavy load bearing, it is difficult for the gunners to move freely in water. Therefore, gunners will wear UDT life jacket and other floatation gear to increase buoyancy. In the picture, the model is wearing a H-harness made by LBT (London Bridge Trading Company). This harness has 5 pieces of foam at the waist area, providing extra buoyancy and assisting movements in water. However, the harness is not a life jacket and the gunners still need to wear the UDT life vests. In certain operations, SEAL member will carry dive fins. Dive fins are usually tied at theback. Since SEAL will wear dive fins directly on their boots, the size of dive fins is usually XL size. (Information from Specwarcom)
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Note that my Safariland Mk23 Holster , I can draw my gun within 1/2 sec. See my gloves , we like to cut off the tips in order to keep the sensibility of my fingers.The above is a MK 13 MOD 0 smoke and illumination signal is a hand actuated, combination day and night survival distress signal. Being used by all US military helicopter/ fighter pilots and waterborne operation forces. (Information from Specwarcom)
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M4A1 with Trijicon TA01NSN, SWAN#38 platform, M203, M203 Laser/IR designator.
M203 grenade launcher can be installed onto the M-16 family. It is a single loading design grenade launcher and able to fire different type of 40mm grenades, e.g., 40mm signal flares, highly explosive grenades and etc. (Information from Specwarcom)
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Tijicon ACOG (advanced Combat Optical Gunsight). It is the most famous optical sight in the world. The ACOG 4x32 model was chosen by U.S. Special Operations Command for all Special Forces Units including Navy Seals, Rangers, and Green Beret. The ACOG is also in service with many federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies. The tritium illuminates the aiming point even in total darkness.
Jungleseal_M203pointer.jpg (12101 bytes)
This is Wilcox Laser Aiming Sight. Used For The M203 PI, it is capable of sending a beam in either VISIBLE or IR modes.The pics in left is the real product.
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The Draeger LAR-V is one of the most highly regarded pure 02 rebreathers available. Part of this cachet is due to the use of this unit by the US Navy SEAL Teams, as well as the refusal of Draeger to allow their sale to the general public. (Diver Daves' LAR-5 Teardown Report) The top 2 pics is a real LAR-V.
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H&K Mk23 Mod 0
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